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Credit Management in a Changing World

People working on the field of credit management are truly working against all odds!

Today’s business environment is characterised by homogenous products and services with little scope for differentiation, very often supply is exceeding demand, customers are becoming more knowledgeable, markets are becoming more  global and competitive, the cost of doing business is increasing and the profit margins are shrinking. Customer loyalty is something of the past and it has become a hard nut to crack to maintain market share, let alone increase it! To add insult to injury, changes in commercial legislation is changing the business landscape.

Nevertheless, this aggressive and hostile environment poses new challenges for the successful credit professionals and businesses. Innovation, change management and customer-focus have in fact become today’s business mantra.

People in business should be innovative, whilst stay positive at all times, even when they experience some signs of failure. Moreover, they should strive to satisfy, if not exceed, the ever changing customers’ needs and expectations in order to gain and sustain competitive advantage in their respective markets.

The role of the people involved in credit in today’s reality is far from crunching numbers and pestering customers for payment, as may have been in the past! The credit function has become a people’s function.

An efficient credit practitioner should know the customer well and should endeavour to build good customer relationship to ensure prompt payment and sound cash flow.

The FECMA Pan-European Congress is the event which every business owner, CFO, banker and credit practitioner should not miss.

A proficient line of speakers will address a number of pertinent areas relative to managing the credit function, credit risk and cash flow management.

This event is being held in Malta- Malta has been attracting conference and incentive groups for years. It has an abundance to offer, whether you are looking for a perfect place to hold a flawless business meeting or conference, or an ideal destination to host your staff's well deserved incentive reward!

An English-speaking environment facilitating good communications, endowed with hospitable people, makes Malta a safe and perfect destination for your conference, sales meeting and incentive trip.

PAN-European FECMA Credit Management Congress


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