Fecma History

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Something about FECMA

FECMA is a not-for-profit organisation, consisting of members who are all national credit management associations. 

FECMA vision is to promote best practice in credit management by enabling the members of all the FECMA associations to share their knowledge and experience. 

FECMA exists to:

  • exchange credit management knowledge, best practice and ethical standards between associations;
  • share and promote research and share the knowledge gained with each associations' own members;
  • represent the credit management profession at a European level;
  • provide support and guidance for members of all associations;
  • support and collaborate with existing associations as appropriate and encourage the creation of credit management associations where none exist.

Federation of European Credit Management Associations


  • FECMA c/o VVCM,
    Computerweg 22
    DR 3542 Utrecht
  • +31 (0) 346 558 050
  • info@fecma.eu